What's Going Around

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It's not uncommon for some people to get the flu twice this season. Doctors tell us that the first time patients come in with Influenza A and the second time they come back into the office, they test positive for Influenza B.

In addition, doctors say many patients are presenting in a non-typical way. They aren't necessarily coming in with the typical flu symptoms of headache, fever, body aches and overwhelming fatigue. They come in with a stuffy nose and maybe a slight amount of fatigue, just not feeling right. They end up testing positive for Influenza A.

The challenge with that is that they don't know they're contagious and they have being traveling around doing their normal routine like working out and shopping. The best defense against getting the flu from this is to practice constant hand washing. And if you go to a local gym to work out, wipe down equipment before and after using it. Wash down shopping carts before you use them at the grocery store.

Doctors are predicting this flu season will last till the end of March and maybe even into the start of April, so a flu shot is still recommended.