What's Going Around: Athletic Foot Injuries

It is the season for sports injuries and this week it's foot and ankle injuries that are keeping doctors busy.
Inside we have volleyball, outside soccer and football are filling the fields at area high schools.

Promedica Podiatrist Dr. Matthew Rainer M.D. says "Those sports have a lot of cutting and pivoting motion that can cause those types of injuries due to their rotational forces."
Rainer says there are so many tiny bones in the foot that it's sometimes hard to tell if something is bruised or broken. "There's a lot of growth plate fractures, metatarsal fractures, and injuries of the bones that connect the midfoot to the forefoot area."

If you suffer a foot injury, try icing, resting and elevating the foot for 24 hours if you're not sure. If it doesn't get any better in 24 hours, Rainer says, then it's time to get to the doctor for an x-ray. If it's broken, then the foot or ankle can be immobilized with a cast or protective walking boot. "That usually lasts about 3 to 4 weeks," says Rainer, "Then we move onto gradually putting 50% of the weight then onto the full weight with a boot."