What's Going Around: Upper Respiratory Infections

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - As the Fall temperatures are going up and down the number of upper respiratory viruses continues to climb.

Karen McCoy is the the Presidents of Toledo Day Nursery, "the last couple of weeks we've seen some kids with some pretty high fevers and also some coughing, upper respiratory. We spend eight to ten hours a day with these kids, so we know when something's just not right with them," says McCoy. "The fevers are significant, we actually had to send a child home last week and even when I picked him up, I could just tell he was very very hot, and he ended up having a fever of 103."

Promedica Pediatrician Dr. Brenda Hartley, M.D. says "Sometimes these upper respiratory viruses come with fevers, but not necessarily. But I can tell you that these respiratory viruses are lasting about seven to fourteen days."

The first three to four days are the worst for symptoms such as scratchy sore throat, headache, cough just generalized fatigue.

If those symptoms aren't on the upswing by the end of the first week, then it is time to see a doctor to rule out any secondary infections like ear, sinus or a more severe pneumonia. Those require an antibiotic and need to be treated aggressively in most cases.

"I like my favorite go-to treatment for common upper respiratory viruses. An over the counter saline nasal spray, you can use that for a baby, you can use that for a toddler you can use that for school aged children and that helps move the secretions," says Hartley. Beyond that the doctor recommends a cool air humidifier, and Tylenol or Motrin for the fever aches and pains.