What's on the ballot?


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - On November 6, Ohio voters will hit the polls. This fall there are many important issues on the ballot. Here's a list of some of the big issues voters in Lucas County will decide:

State Issue 1:
If adopted, the amendment would require sentence reductions of up to 25% for people in prison if the person participates in rehabilitative work, or educational programming. This excludes people serving time for murder, rape, or child molestation.
It would also mandate that criminal offenses of obtaining, possessing, or using drugs like fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD , and other controlled substances cannot be classified as a felony, but only a misdemeanor.
Additionally, it would prohibit jail time as a sentence for obtaining, possessing, or using drugs until an individual’s third offense within 24 months.

Issue 9: Lucas County Children Services Levy
Lucas County Children Services is seeking a levy renewal. It would be 1.85 mills for 10 years.

Issue 10: Jail Bond Issue
The county is seeking a 1.37 mill levy over 37 years for the construction of a new, $185 million dollar jail.

Issue 15: Regional Water Commission
This is a city charter amendment that would establish a regional water commission.

Issue 5 & 6: Toledo Public Schools
Toledo Public Schools has two levies on the ballot. One is a 6.67 mill renewal for emergency requirements for 10 years. The other is a renewal of a 5.8 mill renewal for current expenses and permanent improvements for five years.

Issue 14: Sensible Marihuana Laws
This ordinance would decriminalize marijuana in the city of Oregon.

For a full list of issues and candidates on the ballot, click here.