When marching isn't enough, what stops violence?

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - At the intersection of Macomber and Isherwood Streets about 70 people rallied against violence in Toledo.

They stood, hugged, held hands and marched for change at the same location where a fight then shooting was aired live on Facebook on September 24th.

About a week ago, authorities tried to revive De'Asia Wallace, 20, just steps from where protesters vowed to impact the community.

Dedra Brown the Founder of David Davis Youth Center said, "it's sad to say that it took a death for them to stand up, but now the question is now that y'all standing stay standing and now what?"

Brown said she is an ex gang member. She said she started a non-profit youth program four years ago. Brown hopes to guide people down a different path from the one she took and help grieving parents along the way. She said marching isn't enough to stop gun violence.

"They got to think outside the box," said Brown.

Taji McClellan was a mother among the crowd. She said she lost her son Todd Davis at 16 years old. McClellan said Davis was shot ten times on Crest Street and left behind in an abandoned garage. Today she still doesn't know who shot and killed her son.

"They say what's the solution? It needs to start with a lot of the grieving parents that's out here," said McClellan. "I don't want to see anyone else's child end up like my son.

On a Tuesday evening in west Toledo they hope their voices traveled and people took notes.