Where did my meteorologist go? Your questions answered!

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - You might notice over the next few weeks we will have a number of changes in the weather department here at 13abc. You'll be seeing some new faces and some old faces in new places. So what's going on? Well, as it turns out, life is going on, and it means for a few weeks we will be rolling with the punches until things settle back into their normal rhythm.

For one, Dan Zbozien has decided to explore new avenues of his career which will take him away from 13abc. He won't be disappearing altogether just yet, though, because ...

Our newest meteorologist (and newest Dan), Dan Smith, will be stepping away for a few weeks to get married! He and his fiance, Ashley, who is a producer here at 13abc, will be jetting off on their honeymoon in late March. While he's gone, Dan Zbozien will step in on a part time basis on weekend evenings.

Meanwhile, as you may have noticed, Heather Pollauf is expecting a new addition any moment now and will be going on maternity leave. While she spends time with her family, 13abc will welcome a visitor from our sister station in Cleveland.

Jon Loufman has been the weekend meteorologist at Cleveland 19 for the last 15 years, and he'll be spending time with us here in Toledo starting this weekend.

And just to make things a little more confusing, Jay Berschback will be taking a few days off starting this week. Dans Smith and Zbozien will both spend some time filling in for him while he's away, but don't worry, he'll be back soon!

Ross Ellet, thankfully, is staying put.