Which roads will be repaired as part of Toledo tax increase proposal?

Published: Feb. 3, 2020 at 5:27 PM EST
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What's the plan for Toledo's roads?

It was unfurled in part -- and in scroll form -- at Toledo's state of the city address. It’s leaving residents with an option: Pay more and the roads get fixed.

We now know which

if voters give the plan approval in just over a month. It comes with an income tax hike.

What voters will have on Election Day will be an actual list. If they vote to increase the income tax, there is literally a road map of what will be fixed. Not a minute too late for some residents.

If Toledo voters decide to raise the income tax one half percent in March, House of Stuart Avenue between Burke Glen and Loch Lomond will be repaired and the pot holes will become history.

"It's a nightmare. Every year they fill it and every year we have to deal with it again," said Toledo resident Katrina Sieczkowski.

Well known and traveled ones are on the list, too. Take for example Lagrange Street, between Utica and Oakland.

The mayor's office says with the current city budget only 28 roads will be repaired in the next two years, but if the tax increase is passed that number will get closer to 400.

One of the street to be repaired is Chase Avenue.

"This is nothing but 'pothole city' out here. We pay our taxes and when they come by they just patch it and it just gets tore up all over again in winter time," said Chase Avenue resident John Gray.

The Gray family is fed up with potholes on Chase Street but they realize fixing the issue comes with a tradeoff.

"I think it's a good idea but I don't like the idea of the taxes being raised," said Carrie Gray.

But city leaders say the tax increase is the only way to make serious strides in keep up with the craters.

"Anything to make this city better," said Sieczkowski.

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