Whitehouse Water Advisory

The village of Whitehouse says it's water system violates the maximum contamination level of TTHM. This is the by-product of the chemicals that are used to clean and keep the water safe. The Ohio EPA says TTHM increases your risk of cancer or birth defects if you are exposed to it over a prolonged period of time.

Steven Philcher is the Director of Public Service in Whitehouse and says TTHM builds up when the water sits stagnant for too long in the delivery pipes. In Whitehouse, he says, that's been happening starting in March and through the end of the third quarter testing in August. This is an EPA violation and requires the village to notify residents, which it has done. It advises anyone who is pregnant, small children or people with compromised immune systems check with the doctor before drinking the water.

Nichole Peterman is very concerned about the water in her Whitehouse home. She is 6-months pregnant and has a two-year-old son. "Everyone here is drinking bottled water, It's super frustrating because it becomes expensive, then I have to figure out recycling the bottles," says Peterman.

Kris Euler sends bottled water with her high school aged daughter. The Anthony Wayne Schools that are in Whitehouse have advised parents about the violation and encouraged them to send bottled water for the kids if they don't want them to drink the tap water. "If it becomes an ongoing issue where it stays like that for a while then we would take more precautions," says Euler. "I have discovered some changes to my tap water, there is a film in the dish washer that I just recently started noticing."

Village administrators are scheduled to meet with the EPA first thing on Monday to determine the best method for fixing the water problem. They are considering a system that would release the chemicals from a valve system at an estimated cost of $250,000.00.