Whitmer High School student arrested and knives confiscated

(TOLEDO) - Police say a student in a dispute with his ex-girlfriend was arrested at a Toledo area high school Thursday.

According to a voice message sent to parents Thursday, a student at Whitmer High School sent text messages "that were very concerning". During the investigation, four large kitchen knives were confiscated from the student's backpack according to the voice mail message from Washington Local School Superintendent Dr. Susan Hayward.

A Toledo Police Resource officer took the student into custody and charges are being filed. A Toledo Police Report says the student got into an "electronic media disagreement" disagreement with his ex-girlfriend. He made statements about wanting to know who she was seeing because he would "beat" them up, according to police. The student faces several charges.

School officials encourage anyone with information about suspicious activity to report it. "Safety for our students and staff is always our #1 top priority" according to Dr. Hayward.

Parents will receive a letter on Friday outlining district safety initiatives.

The district is planning a school safety engagement night on Tuesday, March 13 from 6:30pm until 8:00pm at Whitmer High School.