Will Generation Z Show Up At The Polls?

Generation Z covers teens 15 to 21. Many say they have been the hardest hit by some of the major issues facing lawmakers on the National Front. More specifically gun violence in schools and gun control. Who can forget the rallies surrounding school shootings where so many lost their lives. Students who very angrily called out Washington Lawmakers to enact tougher gun control. Many High School students of voting age vowing to make their voices heard on election day.

Since those rallies there have been a number of other divisive political battles that have occupied headlines non stop. #NeverAgain, #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter and #ClimateChange to name a few. Will it be enough of a battle cry for this generation to inspire a big turnout on election day? We talked with some local Generation Z'ers and their response was that of interest but very mixed on whether that will translate to a trip to the voting booth tomorrow.