Williams County hog breeding farm suffers serious damage

Published: Jan. 30, 2018 at 3:27 PM EST
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An electrical malfunction is believed to have sparked a fire at a farrowing house on a hog breeding farm in Williams County.

Howard Parrish, the owner of Parrish Farms, says 40 sows and more than 400 new born piglets were in the birthing house at the time of the fire. All died.

That fire threatened several other buildings on the farm but no further damage was reported.

Parrish says he managed to save all his breeding and livestock records and that dozens of animals were not affected by the fire.

Parrish Farms is one of the few independent hog breeding farms in Northwest Ohio, and may be the largest in Williams County. The farm is known around the world for its genetically superior Duroc hogs raised for breeding and its high quality meat.

Rebuilding the farrowing house and raising new hogs could take up to 16 months, but Howard Parrish says he will not give up.