Wind storm wreaks havoc across area

Sunday's wind storm knocked down trees and power lines snapped all over the region.

Janet Connolly is opening up a new cafe in Erie, Michigan. Lately she's been stripping wallpaper and fixing up the place. Sunday's whipping wind made that a bit challenging.

"We're working without power cause there's no power. Lines have snapped and it's windy, really windy," said Janet.

Janet was one of about 1,000 people in the dark in Monroe County Sunday. Here's one reason: The top of a pole on S. Dixie Highway ripped off. It's now hanging on other wires, sparking flames. Crews were out working to fix it, but that will take a while.

'Today it sounds like Armageddon and a war is going on because trees are snapping and the branches are falling and blowing. Anything that was outside is blowing in the wind and just the sound alone is almost defeating at times," said Janet.

That fierce wind wasn't just felt in Michigan. It's been blowing everywhere. Leaning power poles, lines moving in waves, flags nearly ripped of the pole. Tree branches snapping, at times blocking and closing roads. Traffic lights blowing out and the wind even flipped a semi on Edison Bridge near Sandusky. The driver is OK, but it goes to show just how dangerous this weather can be.

"It's like somebody pushing you. This wind is like a bully for real," said Jamiya Neal of West Toledo.

The strong gusts would come and go, but when it was tough to stand. But not everyone minded it. Like Mike St. Germain of West Toledo. In his words - he prefers when the weather is turbulent.

But if you don't - there's a saying around here.

"We live in Michigan you know, wait five minutes the weather will change," said Janet.

The National Weather Service has this high wind warning in place through Monday. So, if you're out of power or dealing with a tree down near you, it might take some time before crews can fix all of those problems safely.