With hot water back, Toledo apartment residents deal with sewage problem

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 6:14 PM EDT
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People living in one Toledo apartment complex have traded one headache for another. Just as they finally get hot water back, they're fighting to get rid of the sewage outside one of the buildings.

If you look close enough, you can find a large pile of sewage, toilet remnants and other odd items that have come through the sewage system outside one of the Champlain Street buildings at the Greenbelt Place Apartments.

It gets worse after that as a flush inside produces water spewing outside.

"Man that's horrible. That's toxic, that's biohazard, that's bad right there,” said resident Darnell Frazier.

It's just another major issue on this portion of the complex. For about a week or two, several units had no hot water. Management officials confirm to 13abc it was out because a boiler gave out.

A new one was acquired and installed in the last few days. On Tuesday, residents finally noticed hot water, but the sewage is still out there with remnants in more than one place.

Managers say they've tried to fix it and residents did see some work.

“They had somebody plunging it or whatever and snaking it where it was able to stop coming out as bad, but they didn't come back and this is how much worse it got,” said Frazier.

Clearly it's not fixed, creating a health issue and a tough place to live.

"You can't even come on the patio. We were going to do her patio up, put flowers out here. She can't even come out here,” said Frazier.

13abc tried to get a better idea from the local managers when the sewage issued would be addressed. We were told to call the corporate in Texas, but we've not heard back from them yet.