City of Toledo says time to fill potholes with dry, warmer weather

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Toledo, Ohio (WTVG) - Finally this week we all get a break from driving in snowy conditions as the weather pattern has quieted down, for the time being. But a whole other problem looms on the roadways. The city of Toledo says now that the snow is out of the forecast, most of their time will be spent filling potholes. Many complaints received are coming from the same road.

The Commissioner of Streets, Bridges and Harbor, Jeremy Mikolajczyk says “We are definitely going to be on the Trail, there is an area that unfortunately has been a nuisance to us this season. We have tried rolling in some patches, but those patches did not hold because of the weather we've been getting"

Freeze and thaw cycles have already lead to the city filling over five thousand potholes this season. With up and down temperatures in the coming days expect more to come. If you crash into any road craters this week contact Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020 or download the mobile app.