Woman offers support to mothers dealing with miscarriage

WATERVILLE, Ohio (WTVG) - October is infant and pregnancy loss awareness month. Statistics estimate one in four women will experience a miscarriage or the loss of an infant child.

Allie Darr knows the nightmare. The Waterville mother has experience two miscarriages. In 2014, she became pregnant and during the 19 week appointment, her doctor was unable to detect a heartbeat. With the pregnancy nearly half-way, Darr was forced to deliver the child.

She describes the moment as heartbreaking and overwhelming. Something that also put her own life in jeopardy. She lost 1/3 of her blood supply during the procedure and had to leave the hospital empty-handed, pushed back into a life as a wife and mother to four other children that were grieving the loss as well.

Darr says the only way she knew how to cope was to talk about her experience and share memories of her angel baby, Henry. As a life coach and entrepreneur, Darr shared her story online and it quickly took off. She found herself getting messages and emails from women across the country who were also experiencing miscarriages and life after loss.

Less than two years later, Darr was pregnant again. She gave birth to Theodore Henry, a happy and healthy child months after she thought I can't do this again. Today "Teddy" serves as a beacon of hope, a shining light in the family and a reminder everyday of the loss of Henry and how there can be a rainbow after the storm.

Darr also started a ministry with two other women at her church offering support package to any woman experiencing a miscarriage.

This Sunday, October 13, Darr is also a hosting a special evening for women who are grieving. The event "Living through Loss" will be at the Create Art Studio in Perrysburg. Participants get to connect with other women dealing with the grief of losing a child and will create a special art piece for your home so you can always remember your child.

The cost is $30 and you need to sign-up online.

If you would like to connect with Allie: alliedarrlifecoach@gmail.com

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