Wood County Man Free From Prison After Murder Conviction Vacated

Russell Adkins is a free man for now. The Sixth District Court of Appeals vacated his 2016 conviction for the murder of 20-year old Dana Rosendale. Wood County Prosecutor Paul Dobson says they will appeal this ruling with the Ohio Supreme Court.

Adkins is out a free man for now. He received the news that of the decision this past weekend. "Waiting to hear that for 3 years and they say that you're going to be leaving, we can't say when but you're going to be leaving," says Adkins.

The cold case spanned 33 years before Adkins was charged and tried. The first trial ended in a hung jury, the second in a conviction. Dobson says the span of time from the night Rosendale was found dead to the time charges were filed is an issue in the Appeals Court ruling.

Dobson expects a decision to hear the case by the Ohio Supreme Court within the year.