Wood County addiction response team receives state grant

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - The Addiction Response Collaborative, or "ARC" team in Wood County was awarded $50,000 from the Ohio Attorney General.

Leaders of ARC say the money will go towards life-saving resources for people on the road to recovery after a drug overdose.

"Some people their life has been tough and they may not have had somebody that has ever been there to care for them or to hold them accountable for anything," says Wood County Deputy Sheriff Adam Henry. "I think our program provides that to some people."

One of their success stories, Matt Ruehl, has been clean for over a year after an opioid overdose last August.

Matt now speaks to high school students, sharing his story and giving hope to other survivors.

"If I can share that story to someone who is in the same situation I was in, and I can stop them stop before they get to where I was, that's an even better thing for me," says Ruehl. "It helps me a lot, it keeps me grounded."

"It's very fulfilling to see the success of the program not only for Matt but for several other people who have been involved and for the families who are able to kind of start reconstructing their lives as well," says Wood County Prosecuting Attorney Paul Dobson.

Dobson explains the program is all about providing a support system for recovering addicts, adding, "We make contacts not just with the survivor themselves but also with their family and help the family try and support that person."