Wood County cat on long road to recovery after suffering bites, contracting infection

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - At first glance you can see that life for a cat affectionately known as Lieutenant Dan is anything but easy.

"He's very sick, and it's going to take him a long time for his body to heal himself of these infections," said Michaeka Brickner, a veterinary technician at the Wood County Humane Society.

A good Samaritan dropped the stray cat off at the shelter last Saturday. Since then Brickner has been by his side tending to every need.

"He loves getting head scratches," said Brickner. "He has a stuffed alligator that he cuddles with all the time, and he thinks canned food is probably the best thing on the face of the earth."

After a medical evaluation workers determined the cat had been badly bitten.

"He did have scratches and some really deep puncture wounds," said Brickner. "A lot of the puncture wounds were kind of symbolic of canine teeth."

It's because of those bites that caregivers say he's suffering from a painful infection caused by immunodeficiency.

"He only has one good leg," said Bricker. "The other ones, when they came in, were probably swollen to about three-times the size that his legs should be."

While Lieutenant Dan is responding well to treatments his crew says he has a long road to recovery. With around the clock care his medical bills are piling up and supplies are running out.

"We just really appreciate anything anybody can give," said Megann Smith, administrative assistant with Wood County Humane Society.

As a non-profit the humane society runs completely off donations, and leaders say everything they get helps them care for animals of all kinds.

"Whether you're donating a can of cat food that your cat didn't eat or a dog toy your dog no longer plays with or make a monetary donation, they definitely all go towards helping us care for these animals," said Smith.

It's through the community's generosity that leaders hope to find animals like Lieutenant Dan a forever home.

“We’re giving him the best shot that he’s got," said Brickner. "Our end goal for all of our animals that come in here is to get them a forever home.

We've posted a link in the sidebar of this story to resources you can use to help animals like Lieutenant Dan get healthy.