Wood County law enforcement seeing spike in number of court cases involving meth

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - In Wood County meth is making a comeback, but law enforcement is working to fight it.

"We are starting to see small meth labs cropping up again, which we haven't seen for quite a while," said Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn. "We're doing everything in our power to stop it."

On Tuesday detectives raided a home in Bradner where four people were suspected of making meth. Deputies arrested Ean Rose-Wortinger and Kaylyn Cooper while the other two suspects were on the run. By Thursday law enforcement caught up with the pair: Trenton Walls and Desiree Collins.

"If these four people go to prison for years [then] that's four fewer people that are going to be making meth and distributing meth in the Wood County area," said Wasylyshyn.

All four suspects are facing charges for illegal manufacturing of drugs. Sheriff Wasylyshyn says the adults were even cooking meth with kids in the home.

"It shows that when people get into these drugs that nothing else matters but the drugs," said Wasylyshyn.

After years of virtually no cases involving meth, Wood County's prosecutor says they're now on the rise and that's partially because of the cash it brings in.

"Why are they selling it? It's not because they want people to feel good, it's because people are buying it because they're making money," said Wood County Prosecutor Paul Dobson.

While it may be lucrative for dealers, Dobson says the county is cracking down on those who make meth.

"We want to damage that and we want to affect that industry--that illegal industry-- that continues to try to bring it in," said Dobson.

By taking a strong stance against the drug leaders hope it will deter others from looking to set up shop in Wood County.

"If you're a drug dealer in Wood County we're going to do everything we can to stop you and put you away in prison," said Wasylyshyn.