Wood County woman fights to get money back after Western Union scam

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - One Wood County woman is hoping that nearly 10 years later she finally gets her money back after being scammed out of $3000. It looks like there may be some hope.

It’s happening for anyone who's done business with Western Union. If you did and it turned out you were really wrapped up in a scam then there could be help out there.

A letter was the first step for this woman to potentially get her $3000 back. She did not want to reveal her identity.

It all started in 2009 when she signed up to be a secret shopper at Walmart. She got a check for her work. She deposited that check. She was then supposed to test the Western Union employees by wiring money from that check to someone. Her bank sent her a letter saying the check was bogus.

"I felt really sick to my stomach," the scam victim said. “What helped me was the support that my husband gave me when I told him what happened because he thought it was on the up and up too. He said well they must need it more than we do."

Her gut told her this was a bad deal but she was trying to makes ends meet and this sounded like an easy way to help. When she could not contact the company on the phone and they only responded to email, that was a big red flag.

"I don’t know what it was. I just got this feeling that something wasn't right. And i just, I don’t know," the scam victim told 13abc.

The hope is a legal settlement. The US government sued Western Union and eventually settled on a judgment of over $500 million for scam victims to claim. This woman got the letter informing her she would be eligible for repayment.

She's applied for the money like so many have and others still can do if they were affected by a scam like this.

There's a specific website where you need to apply for the refund if you've been affected by a Western Union scam. Look for that link at the top of this story.