Wood county town puts its stamp on Christmas all over the world

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RUDOLPH (WTVG) - A small Wood County community has been putting its special stamp on the season for decades. The post office in the tiny town of Rudolph puts a stamp of the famous reindeer of the same name on packages and letters.

The magic of Christmas is alive and well inside the small post office.
From the beginning of the month through Christmas Eve, volunteers and postal workers hand cancel about 80,000 letters and packages.

Charlotte Lamb is the Postmaster,"It's a tiny town until Christmas hits and then we expand a lot. It's a lot of work, but it's even more fun. We get letters and packages from places like Japan, Germany, Italy, all over the world."

People can either send the cards to the post office or deliver them in person for the stamp. Charlotte says one lady made the trip all the way from Florida, "I asked her if she drove up here to visit. She said no I specifically came here to get the letters canceled, and then I am driving back to Florida."

This is a special year for the tradition. This is the 25th year of the Rudolph stamp. A special stamp was made to mark the milestone, but it will only be used on December 14th and December 17th. Charlotte says a lot of people are waiting for it, "I've already received letters from people telling me they want them canceled on those days."

All this couldn't happen without the help of dozens of volunteers like Tina Smith and her husband Smitty. Tina and Smitty are both retired from the Jeep plant, and she says they were both eager to help out, "It really puts you in the Christmas spirit. When I get a card with the stamp on it, I always look at Rudolph and smile. It's a warm feeling, it's Christmas. Without Rudolph, Santa can't make his deliveries because Rudolph guides his sleigh, so ti's fun to honor Rudolph."

Smitty says they canceled hundreds of letters yesterday and today, "Everybody wants that Rudolph stamp. It is unbelievable The thing of it is that it's not a machine that does this, it's all done by hand. Each and every one of the 80,000 cards and packages is hand stamped." Because of that the smiths got a bit of a workout along with all the fun, "I woke up this morning and my arm was sore , there's been a lot of stamping, a lot of cards." The hope is that cards stamped at this small Wood County post office will bring smiles around the world for generations to come.

Once again, letters and packages can be canceled with the Rudolph stamp through Christmas Eve. The 25th anniversary stamp will only be offered December 14th and 17th.