Years later, victims now seeing effects of Equifax data breach

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay
Published: Jan. 22, 2020 at 4:30 PM EST
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If you thought we'd seen the last of the effects from that massive Equifax data breach, now a firsthand account of how for some they're just starting.

Wednesday is the deadline to apply for either the credit monitoring or the settlement check over that Equifax breach. One that is still causing major issues. Including a Toledo area woman who has almost made cleaning up this mess into a full time job.

Mary Brooke could tell something was wrong.

"I was checking my bank account on January 2nd to see what bills came out because of Christmas and when I opened it up I noticed our balance was a little low and then I noticed there were two small deposits and two small withdraws and that triggered me and as soon as I'd seen that we'd seen multiple payments come out of our accounts," said Brooke.

She is now a fraud victim.

How did it happen? After some checking, she realized that she and her husband were victims of the Equifax breach from 2017. Now for the first time they're seeing the effects.

"You could be affected and not know it and look how long it took them to use our information,” said Brooke.

These crooks didn't have her wallet or cards. They don't need those these days, once they have your social security number or bank account that's all they need.

"They give somebody the loan because they had our routing number, they had all my husband's information and they handed him, in New York they handed him [the scammer] $3000 worth of jewelry," said Brooke.

All the more reason why you need to be checking your bank accounts and credit report on a consistent basis.

"It's just hard because the places that have taken this from us aren't willing to work with us. They just want the money," said Brooke.

You can check the Equifax breach site to see if you've been affected but maybe more importantly you get three free credit checks every year. To look for any possible issues accounts or maybe credit cards opened in your name that you don't know about it.