You and #ToledoMe: Meet Ashish!

Published: Jul. 24, 2018 at 8:46 AM EDT
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Meet Ashish, the Toledo Zoo’s newest Indian Rhino! The Indian name means "blessing". Ashish weighs more than a ton, and he loves his treats!

Ashish is about four years old.

Michael Frushour with the Toledo Zoo tells 13abc, " very young rhino, they can live into their 40's. So it's really exciting for us here because he's a young animal coming out onto exhibit."

he came from The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio. And he's the only Indian rhino at the Toledo Zoo.

Frushour says, "We call him a baby, but he's really not. He's inquisitive, and the acclimation process here at the zoo is really fun. It's all by whatever he wants, and when he comes on exhibit, we just open the door and let him kind of explore."

And he weighs literally more than a ton.

"Oh, he's huge. He's about 2,600 pounds. Full-grown rhino, be about 4,000. So he's got a lot of growing to do,” Frushour explains. “We just feed him a lot, and he gets training with a lot of treats and things like that."

He eats up to 90 pounds of food a day. His favorite treats are sweet potatoes, carrots, and hay. Watching him eat gives you an interesting look at some of his evolutionary adaptations.

"The white rhinos have a very flat lip. These guys almost have a finger on their top lip that they use to grab branches and pull it around."

The Indian rhino also has a unique exterior.

Frushour says that the rhino has "this protective armored covering, which is a really unique feature of the Indian rhino, something you wouldn't see on the whites. I think it's just a natural adaptation for when they're fighting in the wild or over territory, it's basically to protect."

Ashish has his exhibit all to himself, and depending on his mood, you can see him inside or outside. You can find him next to the Bactrian camels.