’You’d love our QB this year’: LSU fan plants Tiger Stadium sod on late father’s grave

Groundkeepers at Resthaven help Cat Glueck plant a piece of sod from Tiger Stadium on her late father's grave. (Source: Facebook/Cat Glueck)
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB/Gray News) - After the feeding frenzy that was hundreds of Tiger fans rushing piles of sod from Tiger Stadium, some took their dirt patches to eBay to try and make a quick buck, most people took to Instagram to show off their corner of Death Valley, but one LSU fan replanted the sod in the most emotional way we’ve seen.

“Well dad, you missed one hell of a season of LSU football,” Cat Glueck said in a Facebook post on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

Glueck posted a series of pictures from Resthaven Gardens of Memory, where her father had been laid to rest. One of the groundkeepers helped her plant the sod on her late father’s grave.

“You’d love our QB this year,” she said, referring to Heisman candidate and Louisiana’s sweetheart, Joe “Burreaux.” “I’m sad you weren’t here to watch it, but I got you the next best thing. Now you can rest under tiger stadium until the end of time!"

Officials with LSU Athletics put the sod from Tiger Stadium up for grabs on Dec. 2 at Alex Box Stadium. The sod was all gone within hours. They were giving away the sod as contractors prepared to renovate the drainage on the football field.

“Enjoy your time in the real DEATH VALLEY!” Glueck wrote. “You are the real Heisman winner in my heart!”

Currently, there’s a handful of sod being sold on eBay anywhere from $60 to $160.

LSU defeated Texas A&M 50-7 on Nov. 30 in Tiger Stadium in what was the last LSU home game for many senior players, including Heisman-hopeful quarterback Joe Burrow.

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