Young boy battling heart condition gets surprise that will make you smile

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Meet Taylor Deckard. He's just 10 years old.

Already, at his young age, he's battling a severe heart conditions. And he's a huge fan of Carolina Panthers and former Auburn Tigers quarterback Cam Newton.

What do these things have in common? They all combined for a heartwarming surprise this holiday season.

On Tuesday, Deckard was lying in his hospital bed. You can see in the video above that he's smiling, despite his heart conditions.

Then, a look of surprise. Newton walks in. It takes only a split second before Deckard realized who just stepped into his room.

He jumps up and gives the quarterback a huge hug. That embrace lasted more than 20 seconds, continuing well past the end of the video above.

The special visit was all caught on camera and posted to the Auburn Tigers' official social media accounts.