Zero Gravity Helps Patients Heal Faster

Healing from an injury or joint replacement is getting easier for some patients who are defying gravity. It's a new treadmill system called the AlterG anti-gravity technology. It uses air to simulate the same type of weightlessness as water. Patients put a lower body harness on that supports them in the air pressured pod. It has the ability to take weight off joints and muscles while they walk or run on the treadmill. There are sensors on the surface that allow therapists to see how much pressure the patient is able to sustain while working muscles in an even motion.

The new system is offered at the Mercy Health Perrysburg Outpatient Rehabilitation and Therapy on Eckel Junction, at the Mercy Health Outpatient Rehabilitation and Therapy at Sunforest Court and at the Oregon Outpatient Rehabilitation and Therapy on Navarre Avenue.