Local woman accused of horrific case of animal cruelty back in court

Published: Mar. 3, 2020 at 5:39 PM EST
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The owner of a dog found near death was back in court Tuesday for her pretrial hearing.

Ashley Roderick was charged with animal cruelty after she surrendered her dog to the Lucas County Pit Crew. She pleaded not guilty at her arraignment last month.

The dog has been named Bogey, and he recently marked a major milestone by celebrating his first birthday. It's a day the people who were with him when he was rescued weren't sure would ever come. But Bogey continues to defy the odds.

"When we first took Bogey to the emergency clinic, he couldn't hold his own head up. His eyes didn't move. It was almost a day before he even flicked his ear toward the sound of voices. He only weighed about 18 pounds, which is nearly 30 pounds less than what he weighs right now. The first night at the clinic, he gained five pounds in water weight in 12 hours just through IVs," Jean Keating, executive director of the Lucas County Pit Crew, said.

Bogey also had serious eye infections. Because of that, he had to have one eye removed. He has limited sight in the remaining eye.

Despite all the life-threatening issues he faced, Bogey is a happy dog. That was on full display at his birthday party, where he enjoyed cake and presents and all the people who came to celebrate with him.

"If we all could live like Bogey and just move on with life, we'd all be a lot happier I am sure," said Keating.

So what's next? Bogey will continue to live with a foster family for now. A family has been chosen to adopt him. However, the adoption will not move forward until the case has moved through the court system.

Roderick is due back in court April 2nd.