April 11, 2019 - Antwerp Pitcher Carlie Hanes

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ANTWERP, Ohio (WTVG) - The sound of the ball hitting the catcher's mitt is a regular occurrence for the ears of Carlie Hanes and Karsyn Brumett. This duo makes up Antwerp's softball battery this season.

Hanes recently became just the fifth pitcher in the State of Ohio to strikeout 21 batters in a seven inning softball game. She was nearly perfect that day but one batter made it onto the base path.

"It's been a goal of mine like always since I was like younger," Hanes said. "I just never thought I'd be able to pursue it this early on in my career for pitching and softball in general. I think one thing that helped is knowing that I had such a great team behind me."

Antwerp is now 10-0 in 2019 and the team's head coach Krista Ordway pitched for the University of Findlay. She coached different age groups over the years, so how does she see Hanes?

"I put her at the top," Ordway said. "No, I would put her at the top. She's right there at the top. I haven't seen very many pitchers that have her just her confidence and her work ethic and she knows she has one job and she's out there to do it."

Hanes and Brumett - teammates since the age of seven - it is not unusual for this duo to collect double digit strikeouts in a game this spring.

"Off the field, we don't always like see each other or like talk to each other," Brumett said. "But once we get on the field, it's just we connect somehow, like our minds are the same. If I don't call a pitch that she likes she'll shake me off and I'll call a different one and she'll agree to that one and she'll just hit it right on."

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