April 18, 2019 - Columbian Thrower Brook Boes

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TIFFIN, Ohio (WTVG) - Every time Brook Boes throw the discus as track and field meets, her distance continues to grow.

"With my other sports, we lift about two to three days a week," Boes said. "I think that also helps with how well I've been doing lately."

Not only do her throws increase in measurement from the circle, but Boes now has one of the top three discus throws in the State of Ohio this season along with holding the new school record in the discus.

"I didn't necessarily know for sure but I wanted it the first meet," Boes aid. "I knew what it was and I knew I had what it takes to get it but I just needed to do what I needed to do."

Boes is a three-sport athlete at Columbian High School.

"She spent a lot of the off season working on what we call the sweep out of the back which is generating the energy on the throw and then transferring that to the front of the ring and putting that all together to hopefully getting a big mark," Columbian throwing coach Mike Meadows said.

Brook's school record is about three feet off the mark which won the OHSAA Division I State Championship last year. While the discus requires attention to detail, Boes says there is another sense you need to use as well.

"Listening to what your coaches have to say has a lot to do with it," Boes said. "If you don't listen, then you're not really doing what you're supposed to do. If you listen and actually try to do what others tell you and if you're out here everyday, that's doing what you can do to improve yourself."