April 25, 2019 - Eastwood Pitcher Ashley Hitchcock

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PEMBERVILLE, Ohio (WTVG) - Ashley Hitchcock has already passed the 90 win mark for her pitching career and 1,100 strikeouts are also in her past as she continues to add to that total.

Everything being equal, Hitchcock should finish in the top ten in the State of Ohio for career softball strikeouts and potentially could be in the top five for career wins.

"Strikeouts, I love strikeouts," Hitchcock said. "That's been what I've been kind of known for each game. My end goal - it was 1,400 - I think I am going to try to hit 1,350 this year that's my end goal."

Eastwood head coach Joe Wyant has led the team for more than a decade.

"I've been around quite awhile (and) I'm going to say she's the best pitcher this league ever had or whatever league Eastwood was in before," Wyant said.

Maddie Schuessler-Recker is Eastwood's senior catcher. It is a spot she has known from the last four seasons working with Hitchcock.

"I've always wanted to play on a really talented team and I got this amazing opportunity," Schuessler-Recker said. "Having her as a pitcher makes my job easy. She hits her spots most of the time and we have a really fun atmosphere while we are playing."

Hitchcock will pitch for Rutgers University and former Rockets softball coach Kristen Butler. Butler is in her first season leading the Scarlet Knights and she had a verbal commitment from Hitchcock for Toledo.

"She called me and asked if I wanted to go with her (to Rutgers)," Hitchcock said. "And I was actually one of six in my Toledo class that got asked to go. I was the only one that did go out of my class that did go with her to Rutgers."

The postseason is almost here and Eastwood wants to get through and win that regional championship with this group...

"I don't think people really understands what it means as a team for us cause when she's having a successful night it translates into our hitting," Schuessler-Recker said. "We really all just build off of her success and that's what's got us so far in our long tournament runs."

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