April 27, 2017 - Whitmer Outfielder Brookylnn Esser

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Whitmer outfielder Brooklynn Esser bats just over .700 this season for the Panthers as she is the slapper in the lineup.

What does that mean exactly? The slapper tries to put the ball in play while essentially running out of the batters box simultaneously. This particular player usually has speed as the strategy is to quickly get this batter on the base path.

Since head coach Duane Lanham looks to Esser for speed, she has 26 stolen base attempts with the opposing catcher only throwing her out three times.

Through April 26, Esser has 62 plate appearances and 57 at bats with an On-Base Plus Slugging percentage of 1.458. She has 40 hits, 38 of which are singles.