April 4, 2019 - Bowling Green Pitcher Tucker Craft

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BOWLING GREEN (WTVG) - Defiance baseball always has a target on its back.

Tucker Craft was on target in the second of the two games pitching for Bowling Green High School last week against the Bulldogs. Craft threw all seven innings while allowing six hits and one run unearned in the team's 4-1 road victory.

"He is a true pitcher," Bowling Green head coach Jim Beaverson said. "You've got kids that can throw 93, 94 miles an hour and blow a ball right by you.

"Tucker doesn't throw that hard. He throws 85, mid 80s, I mean he brings it, but he locates the ball. He's very smart, very intelligent. He's just a great kid to have on the team."

The defense backing up Craft is confident when the senior is on the mound.

"Whenever he's on the mound - and any pitcher honestly - I just feel like we have a chance to win every game and we can make a run going to the state tournament," Bowling Green second baseman Peyton Beaverson said.

Basketball with the Bobcats occupies most of Craft's time int he winter.

In the off season, I really work just getting my arm back to strength," Craft said. "I don't really do pitching a whole lot, long toss and take care of my arm. Lifting and all that. Once the season starts, I start to gear it up a bit."

Craft will pitch next school year at Capital University.

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