Bell returns home a champion to Central City Boxing

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - The champ is back at Central City Boxing.

"It was surreal," Albert Bell said about his win by unanimous decision Saturday for the WBC Continental Americas Super Featherweight belt. "I was just real excited cause I didn't know if they were going to give it to me or not. I didn't know how close it was or how far I was apart when the fight was actually going on. So I was just trying to stay focused to make sure I won every round."

There are lots of distractions at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. How about Bell being on the receiving end of a third round head butt.

Even before stepping into the ring, the venue itself stands tall. But it's a place Bell knows after choosing it many times on video games and attending other fights in person.

"When I came out on the ring walk, there was a picture of me in the rafters like on the TitanTron it said, 'Bell" and my record and where I was from," Bell said. "At first I was staying focused but I just started to smile and feeling good as I made my ring walk and I just felt real comfortable this is where I belong. Hard work pay off and dreams come true."

A self-described gym rat, Bell's next bout may be for the WBO world title this fall...

"As soon as the negotiation process get done, they tell me the date, we gonna start the camp so not going to have that much time off," Bell said. "Maybe a week or two if that. I love this gym, this is what I love doing so I won't venture too far."

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