Elmwood player born with one ear

JERRY CITY (WTVG) - Communication is important on the basketball court, where teams need to have all five players on the same page.

For Elmwood, how that communication is done is a little different.

"(Coach Ty Traxler) told all the guys right in front of me to make sure I know what's going on, not just them," senior forward Nick Weiss said.

Weiss was born with one ear, but with the help of a hearing aid on his right ear, plus a surgical procedure to widen the canal, he can actually hear better than most people in that one ear.

Combine that great ear with one that is simply an ear lobe made of skin and cartilage from other parts of Weiss' body, he can hear about 75% compared to most others.

Weiss is about as versatile as you'll find. He can play all five positions, and he helps the Royals in so many ways.

"He leads our team in steals, he leads our team in 2-point field goal percentage, I think he's third in rebounding, third in assists, third in blocks," Traxler said.

Elmwood finishes the regular season Friday against Fostoria.