Can't work out in a gym? You can at home

TOLEDO (WTVG) - Among many other closures, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ordered all fitness centers and gyms closed earlier this week.

But just because you can't get there doesn't mean you have to let your fitness goal slip away. Two local gym owners are reaching out to their clientele, and it's not stopping them from working up a sweat.

Nick Beakas owns Nick Beakas Personal Training in Perrysburg and began live streaming workouts this week.

"Everybody is feeling this," Beakas said. "It's a community and it was ripped out from under us. We're looking for a way to cope together."

Jeff De Groff took the workouts outside and said many workouts can be done at home. De Groff owns Home Body Xtreme Fitness.

"I'm just trying to keep people motivated and positive because people are stressing, because of their jobs and families, not know what's next," De Groff said. "Fitness is a way to escape that."

Michelle Clayton, a physical education and health teacher is keeping her students in shape through the break.

"I actually posted on my school enrichment (page) for my kids to do workouts without any weights, just using their body," Clayton said.