Chipka thrives in his first season with the Wolverines baseball program

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WTVG) - There is a quiet noise in the background to Michigan's baseball program this season. That's how Ryan Chipka goes about his job.

"In my mind I had this vision for what a program could look like and what it should look like even back when I was at Rochester," Chipka said. "And I think being here with Coach Bakich and the other guys on staff, seeing them on a day-in day-out basis, interact with the guys, mentor them and also run the program I think it's been a big time growth opportunity."

Chipka grew up a big fan of the Wolverines football team. Now, his name is on an office wall in maize and blue with the title of Director of Program Development. There is no official job description, except Chipka is not allowed to coach.

"He can speak in the analytics language and he can also speak to character and makeup," Erik Bakich said. "To say he's been an asset and a great addition to our program would be the understatement of the year."

Ray Fisher Stadium and the Michigan campus quickly became a foreign piece of land to the baseball program over the last month. They have only been back in Ann Arbor for a few days with all of the games played to get to this point in the season.

Michigan spent more time on buses, planes, in hotels and airports these last few weeks and one of Chipka's responsibilities is to assist in the travel arrangements for the team. The Wolverines traveled back to Michigan from Los Angeles last weekend in three different groups on commercial airline flights and he was in charge of one of those groups.

It was a short stay in Ann Arbor - about 36 hours - before turning around and heading back west to Omaha for the College World Series.

"It's been an absolute blast," Chipka said. "Been a ton of fun to watch the guys just go out there and just sell out for each other. Been able to travel to some cool parts of the country and play some really good competition and you know keep it going in Omaha."

This job only has a nine month contract. Chipka does have another non-coaching opportunity to stay with the program, but he still ultimately has his eyes on coaching baseball.

"I don't know how we do it without him now," Bakich said. "He's (an NCAA Division I) head coach and we are so lucky to have him in our program. We'll try to keep him as long as we can but that guy's got (division one) head coach written all over him there's no doubt about it and he's going to be a rising star when he does."