Eager to get outside, cycling makes a comeback

PERRYSBURG (WTVG) - Business is good at Spoke Life Cycles. With so many people looking for a sense of freedom during the pandemic, many are turning to bikes.

"Bikes are the new toilet paper," says manager Don DiBartolomeo.

It's true. Good luck finding one at a big box store in the Toledo area; many are sold out. That means people are going to bike shops where DiBartolomeo and the staff are helping them learn what's new since they last rode on a regular basis.

They do have bikes in stock and with so many people buying for the first time in a longtime, the store expects to benefit long term.

As people rediscover the health benefits, both physically and mentally plus spending time with their families, some people no doubt will continue to ride long after COVID-19. DiBartolomeo also says test rides are free at Spoke Life Cycles.