Dec. 12, 2019 - Sandusky running back Terion Stewart

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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WTVG) - Last week, Sandusky running back Terion Stewart received Ohio Division III Football Co-Player of the Year Honors.

"I was happy," Stewart said. "It's exciting because know like the person I am, I worked hard - all year round. Coaches put me through ... I went through hell and back with everybody on my team."

Stewart's season did not begin well after he sprained his ankle during an August scrimmage. It took Stewart several weeks for him to get back to a healthy level.

"We really used him as a decoy as much as we could," Sandusky head coach Mike Franklin said. "Because anytime it looked like he was going to get the football the defense was going one way. So we used him quite a bit as a decoy."

Even though Stewart was there but not really there early in the season on the field, he says he was very much there during the summer between taking online classes and football conditioning. What Stewart calls a "full day."

"We've had some players before him that had some great work ethics," Franklin said. "We had a quarterback Javez Alexander who is a Division I athlete and he kind of saw what it takes to get to that level. Terion was obviously blessed with some God-given ability too, but he's been able to take that ability to another level. Whether it be academically or athletically."

Next week, Stewart signs a National Letter of Intent with the Falcons.

"I'm tired of getting all of the credit," Stewart said. "Because it's just not me, it's the whole team. It's a team effort, it's my line especially. I wouldn't be able to do it without them. They put in as much work as I did too - everybody on the whole team."

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