Dec. 13, 2018 - Whitmer Forward Eddie Colbert

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It is always good to make a statement when you open a new season.

Whitmer's 3-0 record with two victories inside the Three Rivers Athletic Conference certainly shows that thought. That record also includes a big opening night show for Eddie Colbert when the number 39 came into focus for him on his final points line.

"My teammates just found me when I got open," Colbert said. "I just had to knock down my shots."

Whitmer head coach Ryan Brown took notice.

"He can play inside, he can play outside," Brown said. "He hit six threes in that game, he also went down inside and scored a lot of points with his back to the basket. He's able to score in a variety of ways."

Over the summer, Colbert tried to spend at least an hour a day shooting basketballs. That's a lot of shows. So what was the focus in those 60 minutes?

"Tried to get it straighter and like not just like rush my shot try to get my form down and all that yeah," Colbert said.

Colbert was a guy the Panthers leaned on last season and it will be more of the same until march.

"One thing for Eddie I want to see him do is I want to see him become more of a two way player instead of strictly just offense," Whitmer guard Trey Syroka said. "I want to see him become more of a defensive threat to help us out this year."

"We talk all the time with our guys," Brown said. "We say, you know you're climbing a ladder and every single day in practice you need to climb up one more step.

"That was our approach last year. We want to peak at the end. Obviously you want to be good throughout the season but you need to get better every single day at practice and take that one step up the ladder."