Dec. 19, 2019 - Fostoria Guard Avondre Reed

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FOSTORIA, Ohio (WTVG) - Fostoria recently did something it has not done since it joined the Northern Buckeye Conference - beat Eastwood in a boys basketball game.

Fostoria senior Avondre Reed scored 22 points in the game and that is about his average so far in this young season.

"Starting off four and oh is a really big goal which we haven't done it in who knows how many years," Reed said. "Starting off four and oh boosts our confidence for the next game."

Getting to 4-0 was not as simple as scoring at least one more than the opponent. Reed was sometimes Fostoria's biggest opponent on the court the last couple of seasons.

"Coach got on me before the season started," Reed said. "Talking about how I had to change my attitude from last year. Which is helping right now obviously. I would just get too hype, try and get in people's face and start clapping a lot. Coach got on me and told me I need to stop doing that and play more."

Thom Loomis is in his second stint on Fostoria's basketball coaching staff.

"I've always thought tremendously of Avondre," Loomis said. "He's got a great heart, it's always been there, but life's dealt him some tough blows and sometimes he had to deal with those. So it was things that were outside of basketball that I knew was affecting him and we just had to try to get it to a point where that he could find a good balance and get that focus back. I'm glad it's working out."

Reed guesses he had about eight technicals last season. That is not the case this winter.

"He's really worked this off season on the way he plays with his team and his passing skills," Fostoria guard Dom Settles said. "I think honestly people don't understand that his passing game is really one of his best games."

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