Feb. 1, 2018 - Ottawa Hills Guard Ellie Westmeyer

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Ellie Westmeyer is alone on the class roster this season.

She is the lone senior on the Green Bears basketball team. Westmeyer returned for her final season despite enduring the program's worst finish in 17 years during her junior season.

So far, it is working out as Westmeyer recently scored a career high 20 points against Gibsonburg.

"She has never been called on to be a big scorer for us but she understands the circumstances with us having such a young team," Ottawa Hills head coach Sean Mercer said.

"That game was just about stepping up for my team," Westmeyer said. "We were really just struggling to get a roll going. So sometimes - especially as a senior - you have to just pick yourself up yourself and then just do it."

Ellie's younger sister Abbie is a freshman on the varsity this season for Ottawa Hills.

"It made me really proud of her," Abbie Westmeyer said. "She's obviously my role model and made me want to be like that when I get older."

While Ellie is the lone senior on the roster, Abbie is one of a couple freshman playing for the Green Bears.

"She really provides a lot of knowledge of the sport especially since she is the lone senior," Abbie said. "It just really makes the freshman coming in adjust to the change."

Mercer makes it clear that Ellie Westmeyer is a leader.

"Very vocal in the locker room and on the floor," Mercer said. "She always seems to do it in a positive way that inspires them to want to play better."

Ellie Westmeyer does not have a college picked out yet for next school year, but Michigan and Boston University are just two of the schools on her short list for decision time.

The Westmeyer siblings played field hockey together in the fall and they will participate in lacrosse together in the spring