Feb. 15, 2018 - Southview Swimmer Kotone Pax

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SYLVANIA, Ohio (WTVG) - Stroke after stroke.

Lap after lap.

That is Kotone Pax's life since she was eight years old swimming for the Sylvania Tsunami Swim Club and now the Southview Cougars.

"We probably get about three weeks break max at a time and then we're back in the pool," Pax said. "Then we always do dry land training to help with it three times a week to lift, run. So it's been a lot of work."

Last month at the Northern Lakes League meet, Pax swam fast enough in the 100 Breast to set a new league record. Pax is a four time league champ in that event and now the next step is qualifying for her first state meet in Canton.

As is the case with other sports, Pax says it is all about the little things if she wants to reach that level in her senior year.

"My problem is i don't keep my arms wide enough," Pax said. "Sometimes I start spinning. Fix the little things and you'll see big results.

"I've been going for the state meet since my freshman year. That's been my main goal for this entire time."

Southview head coach Kris Moellenberg knows all about Pax as he was her coach since she jumped in the pool at eight years old with the Sylvania Tsunami Swin Club. For the last eight years, Moellenberg has also led the Cougars as the team's head coach.

"It's her mind," Moellenberg said. "It's really in her mind. As coaches we always say tapering is 95 percent mental. If you can feel you can do it, you'll do it. I have a feeling she's going to do it."

Pax does not have solid plans to swim in college as she is weighing academic opportunities with Notre Dame and the University of Chicago. If Pax selects Chicago, she will swim with the varsity.