Feb. 21, 2019 - Perrysburg Swimmer Julia Beer

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PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - Work hard.

Swim fast.

Break records.

That is freshman Julia Beer's season in the pool with the Yellow Jackets.

"She prepares and pays attention like a college athlete not a freshman in high school," Perrysburg head coach Chuck Salmon said. "Basically any detail of a set that we're doing she does 100 percent every time, to the finish. She doesn't stop, she doesn't say something is hurting."

Beer broke the Perrysburg 100 Butterfly mark, which was last set in 2009. She beat her own mark a few times in the 200 Individual Medley. That race involves the four main swimming strokes - butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

"I'm pretty decent at every stroke except for breaststroke," Beer said. "Breaststroke is kind of my weak stroke. But overall I'm decent at everything so I excel at that event."

Beer also excels at volleyball. After the day long district swim meet Saturday, she got out of the pool to play in an all-day volleyball tournament Sunday with her club team in Columbus.

"I think I have more fun playing volleyball than swimming but I definitely have more fun playing both," Beer said. "But swimming I feel stronger in because I've been swimming longer than I've been playing volleyball."

But this week, it is all about the pool.

"I explained to her that about a third of the swimmers go faster, a third go about the same time and a third actually go slower (at the state meet)," Salmon said. "I expect her to go faster. She's just the rare, the rare athlete."

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