Feb. 22, 2018 - Fremont Ross Swimmer Olivia DeRodes

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FREMONT, Ohio (WTVG) - Olivia DeRodes is back on the blocks for the third-straight season in Canton, Ohio this week in the OHSAA State Swimming Championships.

DeRodes joins her teammates on two relay events and she will swim in our own individual races. Those races are the 50-freestyle and the 500-freestyle. Her coach says this is a little unconventional to have success at this level both the sprint and distance freestyle events.

"We did a lot of sprint training mixed with pace training which has worked," Fremont Ross Head Coach Tina Moses aid. "I wasn't quite sure at the beginning how it would work out but she is swimming amazingly fast."

DeRodes is clearly a veteran now with making the trip east to Canton.

"I feel a lot more ready this year than i have in past years," DeRodes said. "I just think because of my work ethic this year I've changed a lot of my training and the way I train and the way I take care of my body and everything."

The one item that's out on the men for DeRodes this season?

"Probably Oreos for sure," DeRodes said. "My mom like stopped buying them because i would just eat packs and packs everyday."

There will be a time for all varieties of Oreos Sunday after the state meet as DeRodes tries to tie up an already successful year in the pool.

"Breaking the 500 (freestyle school) record was like my ultimate goal this year and making it to state in all four events," DeRodes said. "So I've kind of achieved my season goals from the beginning of the year."

Moses says she would love to see DeRodes finish in the top eight in her events.

"I would love to see her on the podium, ideally in both of her events," Moses said. "One of them i would to see the relays she's a part of - the top eight - so that would be the icing on the cake if we could get her on the podium."