Feb. 8, 2018 - Gibsonburg Wrestler Brad Mendoza

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GIBSONBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - The clock is winding down on the high school wrestling season.

Gibsonburg junior wrestler Brad Mendoza obviously still has time remaining on his season, plus his senior year. This season, he is on quite the roll with just one loss and that came outside of his usual weight class of 170 pounds.

"Even if i had more losses than that, I'd be perfectly fine with that because you learn from them," Mendoza said. "I think that's how you grow as a wrestler."

In addition to his 34-1 record this school year, Mendoza also has five invitational titles this season including the Carey Invite, Golden Bear Invitational, Perrysburg Invitational Tournament, Van Buren Invitational and the Wapakoneta Invitational.

"We're working on our technique more than our strength," Mendoza said. "Last year my strength was clearly my strength. I was in the weight room all the time."

Fourth-year Gibsonburg head coach Greg Spoores says Mendoza takes note of all aspects of his life - from the mat to the classroom.

"He treats his body like a temple," Spoores said. "He's very conscious about what he eats knowing that it's fueling his body like gasoline does for a car. Put bad gas in the car it doesn't run very good."

Mendoza says he does not use an app to track his calories but instead keeps count in his mind for what he can and cannot consume through out the day.

"For breakfast, if I were to have protein, a protein shake." Mendoza said. "If i don't, I usually go with six or seven eggs. Lunch, I'll have my school lunch. I usually get extra whatever we have because I'm always hungry.

"I'll go home after school. I'll eat a bowl of cereal. No cinnamon toast crunch or anything like that. I'll go to my practice and then I'll go home and eat. Maybe some pasta. Raviolis. Steak. Rice. Get that protein, those carbs in. That's a typical day for me."