February 6, 2020 - Wayne Trace Guard Claire Sinn

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HAVILAND, Ohio (WTVG) - There is a thief on the loose here at Wayne Trace High School.

"Well, I only notice it when she's stealing it and going down for a layup," Miriam Sinn said.

This is not a criminal thief on school property, but one that knows how to steal in the high school gymnasium.

"It'll be something that comes up whenever we get to the awards (or) banquet time," Wayne Trace head coach Bethany DeJarnett said. "I'm sure there will be jokes about that."

There is no disputing this evidence.

Claire Sinn recently broken the career steals mark for the Raiders and she will more than likely finish with more than 300 in her time with the program.

"I think like my dad told me," Claire Sinn said. "I was super caught off guard. I think it's something that a lot of people don't recognize that it's happening on the court. Obviously because I didn't even know that I got the record. But it's always good to get the hustle plays and stuff like that. I think it feels really good once you get them."

Often times we hear about scoring records and putting up countless shots year round leads to points in the game.

But how do you become a stealing specialist?

"I don't know that you can coach it," DeJarnett said. "I think a lot of it just comes from your heart. Just working hard and wanting to go out there and do your best every game.

So maybe this comes down to a sixth sense on the basketball court.

"I feel like I can read the defenders really well," Claire Sinn said. "So I kind of know where they are going to pass it before they do."

Wayne Trace wants to begin its offense with its defense.

"It gets our offense going," Miriam Sinn said. "If our defense is good, then our offense will flow right from that. Cause if our defense isn't going good for us, it's always way harder to get our offense to go."

Claire and Miriam and both seniors at Wayne Trace but are not sisters. They are cousins.

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