Findlay netter returns to the court after a two month stay in the hospital

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FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) - Suzi Zuver loves tennis and is active with the musical at Findlay High School, but she had her eyes on the fall tennis season.

"I had lots of plans," Zuver said. "I wanted to do doubles, get to state. I had many plans in my mind."

Sean Swisher is the boys tennis coach at Findlay High School but he also spent the last several years working with the girls team as well.

"(Suzi's) junior year, she was our number one player," Swisher said. "She was a clear level above the rest of our girls."

Zuver plays the game while also managing Ulcerative colitis for the last 12 years. She had one of her routine screenings in July 2018.

"I had a very rare incident where it actually flared up," Zuver said. "They had to remove my entire colon so now I have an ostomy bag."

But it was one speed bump after another for Zuver.

She spent a month at ProMedica Toledo Children's Hospital, then moved to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus where Zuver stayed until the middle of September.

"It was a pretty big shock from going from being in remission for so many years to that level of severity," Suzi's mother Lorraine Zuver said.

At this point, the school year at Findlay High School is now well underway along with the girls tennis season. Zuver kept up with her schoolwork in the hospital before returning to her desk in October.

Right now, Findlay's boys tennis team is in the middle of a championship season. The Trojans just won their first Three Rivers Athletic Conference boys tennis championship.

One of the members of this year's team - Suzi Zuver.

Five months after a two month hospital stay, she is back to playing doubles matches with the boys team.

"I wasn't really an aggressive player, but playing boys I became more aggressive because someone had to become aggressive so I thought I better start first," Zuver said. "I learned things from guys on my team and hopefully vice versa."

Zuver had to manage her energy levels while also building back her conditioning.

"Suzi is what Trojan tennis is all about," Swisher said. "She works hard, she doesn't complain."

Swisher's son Drew is the No. 1 singles player on this year's team.

"We might have days where we feel tired or rough, but we just know that we have someone who has had it a little bit rougher than us," Drew Swisher said. "It brings us together as a team."

Zuver's season is now complete.

Next, it is on to graduation May 25th, then to BGSU where she will study Environmental Polices and Analysis as Zuver wants to work in a hospital setting.

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