Jan. 25, 2018 - Fostoria Swimmer Tony Costello

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FOSTORIA, Ohio (WTVG) - If the Fostoria swim team needs a point, senior Tony Costello is the guy. Costello has by far the most points on the team this season.

"Recently my coaches have really been pushing me to make sure I do dolphin kicks off the wall, cause I really struggle with that," Costello said. "They've really been pushing me to do that and it's really helped a lot."

Fostoria head coach Courtney Fleming says Costello does a nice job of focusing on the "little things" in his training.

"Like not breathing at the end of the race or not breathing into your flip turn because the stroke itself is beautiful," Fleming said.

Freestyle is Costello strongest stroke. IN fact, he rarely loses a race. He wants to reach the state meet in Canton after making the district meet the past two seasons.

"I've gotten really close to my times last year from districts," Costello said. "My district time from my two hundred was 1 minute 57 seconds last year and I'm at 1:58 right now so I'm really close to that. It's just really setting me up for a nice taper because we're working hard in practice with sprint sets and that's really going to help at districts.

Fostoria's coaching staff admires Costello's effort in life.

"He is a hard worker in ever aspect," Fleming said. "He works had in school. He works hard in the pool. He's constantly pushing himself. He's constantly pushing his teammates. He's constantly helping them which is something I think is really neat that you don't always see.

"I can see him sometimes giving them tips when my assistant and I are busy talking to other people. So he's constantly working to improve himself as well as the team."