Jan. 3, 2019 - Toledo Christian Guard Ella Zaborowski

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Ella Zaborowski has her confidence back this season.

The Toledo Christian senior is even on the floor without her knee brace.

Two years ago, she tore her posterior cruciate ligament. For those not as well versed in anatomy, that is the ligament in your knee which connects your femur to your tibia. The doctors told Zaborowski they only see this surgery a handful of times every few years.

"They knew how to handle that, but it was a nine to twelve month recovery instead of a six to eight," Zaborowski said.

The injury began during her sophomore soccer season and finally tore in a game at Emmanuel Christian High School.

"She came out of a very low point in her athletic career and she wasn't sure what she was going to do coming out of it," Toledo Christian forward Lillian Young said. "Having everyone there around her and stuff like that she really pushed hard and pushed herself hard to come back."

With most of Zaborowski's sophomore year now finished, she continued her hoops education on the bench.

"I definitely got to observe coaching," Zaborowski said. "I found out that it is one of my passions I want to do someday. Breaking down the game from a coaching standpoint, from the seats, just being a coach on our bench and supporting our girls and encouraging them through all of that was pretty big for me."

The Eagles are now very much int he conversation for the Toledo Area Athletic Conference girls basketball title this season. This injury - in an odd way - might be paying off today for Toledo Christian.

"She definitely sees the floor awesome as a senior," Toledo Christian head coach Tim Wensink said. "She makes some passes where at first as a coach you're like, "No! No! No!," and then she hits a person for a layup."

Coincidentally, Zaborowski broke the school single-game three point record during her junior season when she returned to Emmanuel Christian - the site of her PCL tear.

"When she's on, she's on like she shoots shots lights out," Toledo Christian forward Naomi Jones said. "It kind of adds energy to our play."

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