Jan. 31, 2019 - Northwood Guard Olivia Randall

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NORTHWOOD, Ohio (WTVG) - Northwood's Olivia Randall is like many high school seniors.

A busy life as a three-sports athlete and a three-year varsity starter on the basketball team.

"She's had to fight for every minute of playing time she has ever had," Northwood head coach Andrew Dickey said. "Coming on her freshman year, backing up some of our older athletes."

So how many calendars does this guard keep?

"I have three calendars so one on my phone," Randall said. "I just ordered a new calendar cause I am studying for the Air Force so I have to keep that up and then a school planner for my school work, homework and keeping everything in order."

Throw in a job at a neighborhood fast food restaurant and you can see the need to road map Randall's life. The Air Force life is something Randall knew she wanted on that road map since the eighth grade.

"I've always wanted to do like Secret Service, FBI work ever since I watched Criminal Minds and CSI and all the others," Randall said. "I was really hooked on it."

Randall will not have her name hooked to any records at Northwood on the basketball court, but that's not really what her coach is thinking about with her effort in the program.

"When we need you to do something, this is the example," Dickey said. "This is someone who stepped up when we asked, never questioned stuff."

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